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He asks me to send him a sexy pic, but I ignore him. I suppose there’s time to think about it — then again I’ve been saying that for the past seven years. His wife had died of cancer a few years ago and he hadn’t been with a woman since.

I can’t say that I worry about what they will think though, I do know for a fact that they’ll love and respect me regardless of how unconventional my job is. Seriously, I’d much rather orgasm (fake or not) than punch a time clock and push papers every day. He talked about her a great deal, and his eyes twinkled at me when I encouraged his stories." data-reactid="31"Midnight I had a really pleasant night — easy client who was totally happy with relaxing in a bubble bath, mutual massage, pleased when it was time to have sex.

Obviously, we have to test clean to be allowed to work.I’m putting on my makeup and choosing my outfit for the night.I’ve always loved this part of my routine; it makes me feel like an actress.I avoid eye contact with the John (it’s considered rude to the chosen lady) and slip out to the back patio to smoke a cigarette and call C. He’s also intelligent, a gentleman, and I felt so comfortable with him the second day that I actually told him what I do for work. The doctor is in today, to do the weekly testing for all of the ladies.He was surprised but totally respectful, which is a change of pace. We’re required to be tested every week for STDs and every trip for HIV/AIDS.

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